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Happy New Year! Matariki celebrations have begun. (Photo credit: Justin Blakie,


 What you got up to! 

Want to see what people got up to on Book Night? Here's a highlight of some of the 32 community events.

 Winners announced 

Wendy Horne of Upper Hutt (at left) receives her Book Night first prize in the 16 years and over category. For her story, see News

Sean Wansbrough, of Mt Somers, got second. His story is here

Jett Wait of Hamilton won the first prize in the under 16 years category. His story will be coming soon. 

 Book Night 2018 total 


The official nationwide tally for Book Night is 2146 readers - and anecdotally we know of many more children and adults who joined in but didn't record that on the website. We thought it was a very positive event; we hope you liked being part of it.

Sarah of Mangonui got the last word of the night: "Reading enriches the lives of all who are able to participate. My wish is for the whole world to be able to access the education which will enable them to read".

You can see readers' photos and comments on the Book Night website. Check out facebook too! 


 Student book groups 


The NZ Association for the Teaching of English (NZATE) published in their new e-zine an article about four BDS-affiliated student book groups (including an all-boys one) at an Auckland College.  Click image to read the story.


  Reading Local 

Read local. Support local. To find great NZ-related books and Kiwi authors, have a look at BDS' On-line catalogue using search categories 'Fiction-New Zealand'  and 'Non-fiction New Zealand'. You might also want to browse New Zealand Books Pukapuka Aotearoa, the only periodical dedicated to reviewing New Zealand books.







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