The BDS warmly accepts and appreciates donations towards the purchase of new titles for the BDS Catalogue. Often, BDS groups choose to donate a set of books in memory of a member who has passed away, or to commemorate a group’s enduring relationship with the BDS.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to the BDS for the purchase of books, you can do so through the 'Accounts' facility (login to the Convenor section of the website).

If your group wishes to donate a set of books, please Contact the BDS office. We can:

  • supply you with a list of titles (books that have been approved for inclusion into the scheme) from which you may choose, or
  • review a book you send in to us for consideration. If you have a title in mind, send a reading copy to the BDS office and it will be read and reviewed by the BDS Readers’ Network. The BDS sub-committee reserves the right to make a final decision on books accepted into the BDS Catalogue.

Donations are acknowledged in BDS newsletters, and on the BDS website, and a group plaque is placed inside the donated books. At this time we are not able to issue tax receipts for monetary donations. 



We have been providing 'quality reading, excellent company, lively discussion' since 1973. Help us to continue the BDS tradition for generations to come. If you wish to make a monetary donation or leave a legacy for the BDS in your will, the following is suitable wording:

“To the FWEA Book Discussion Scheme (BDS), the sum of $____________ for the general purposes of the BDS. I declare that the receipt of the Chairperson of the FWEA Book Discussion Scheme Sub-committee will be sufficient for my Trustee(s) or Executor(s).”

To view a printable version of the wording, click here.

Please contact the BDS Manager for more information on donations.

The Book Discussion 
Scheme is a member of the Federation of Workers Educational Associations in Aotearoa New Zealand
BDS is a member of the Federation of Workers Educational Associations