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Sample 1We're a city group of professional women ranging in age from 39 to 67. We enjoy all types of books and meet in members' houses, each person taking a turn as host. We enjoy a glass (or two) of wine during the evening and nibbles. We're serious book readers and would welcome either women or men.
Sample 2 Our women's-only group is socially focused and we enjoy a lighter style of book – definitely nothing sad and we prefer fiction. We've been going for 7 years and there are 10 of us in the group (ages from 26 to 52). We take turns to host the evening and we put money in for refreshments.
Sample 3 There are 6 women and 3 men in our rural group. We meet at the convenor's home and the meetings are more social than serious but we do talk about the book for at least 30 minutes. Our ages are between 34 and 57. We read a mixture of fiction and non-fiction – Mao's Last Dancer is our favourite. Men preferred.
The Book Discussion 
Scheme is a member of the Federation of Workers Educational Associations in Aotearoa New Zealand
BDS is a member of the Federation of Workers Educational Associations