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Article Image Megan's moving on

Megan Blakie has been our Promotions person for 8 years (part-time) and finishes in this role on Thursday 21 February, to take up new professional challenges. She writes: "A highlight of my job... Read More

Article Image NZ book prompts Lyttelton man's new career

Books can entertain, inspire and inform but a Lyttelton man’s monthly read led to a change of career. David Peers, who’s part of a seven-member all male book group with BDS, was prompted to... Read More

Article Image Same same but different - BDS' legal entity

By the start of the new financial year in April 2019, Book Discussion Scheme will become a charitable trust. Essentially the day-to-day operations will remain the same but legally, and at a... Read More

Article Image A Journey with Books 1999-2019

Dunedin 029 celebrated their 20th anniversary by going out for dinner (attended by five of the original members and the group's founder, who joined them from Waikanae!). Current convenor... Read More

Article Image 20 years in Timaru

Timaru 008 sent in this end-of-year pic to say they have been going for 20 years. Three of the group are the originals.  "We are very proud of our group and have been there for one... Read More

Article Image When we discuss the book I understand better

Rachel, a migrant who attends a BDS-resourced book group for speakers of other languages, succinctly sums up a key aspect of any book-club experience. "When I read a book I think I understand the... Read More

Article Image Book group patron

How many book clubs have a patron? Dunedin 058 does. A patron is 'a loyal supporter of someone or something'. Google tell us that a patron of the arts 'helps support starving artists'; we hope... Read More

Article Image Info about overdue books now online

A new function on our website allows Convenors to check if any of their group's books are overdue. The online information, which can be accessed through the Convenor part of the BDS website, allows... Read More

Article Image Male 'book and beverage' group hits the spot

Peter Swan's all-male book club might seem to encourage stereotypical 'bloke' behaviour but at closer inspection his 'Beverage and Books' group does anything but. The former civil-structural... Read More

Article Image Male book group encourages tolerance

A Mount Albert man believes his all-male book group not only promotes a love of reading but encourages tolerance. Michael Loo, who meets up monthly with four other male readers, says belonging to a... Read More

Article Image Men's book group is surprisingly candid

The coordinator of an all-male book group in Dunedin is staggered – and delighted – by the candour with which the men talk about themselves. "What has really struck me is the conversations start... Read More

Article Image Book group provides social glue for Whakatane men

For a part-time bush worker, his men’s book club provides much needed social interaction. Whakatane semi-retiree Peter Fergusson, who works for Manawahe Eco Trust helping to eradicate pest animals... Read More

Article Image Dawn Raid author visits

Reading our own New Zealand stories can be a powerful experience and Invercargill 004 enjoyed hosting the author of a book in the 'New Zealand Stories' series produced by educational publisher... Read More

Article Image Prison book group volunteer honoured

Prison volunteer Celia Bockett received an award from Department of Corrections Ara Poutama Aotearoa for her help in running a BDS book group at Tongariro prison.  BDS was advised of Celia's... Read More

Article Image Kiwi authors find their 'voice'

“As a writer, I’m the end product of everything I’ve read,” said respected New Zealand author Lloyd Jones to an audience of 30 BDS members on Saturday night (1 September). Lloyd, a... Read More

Article Image Thank you from the 'inside'

It's not unusual for Book Discussion Scheme to receive the occasional card or email of thanks from members who appreciate the service we provide or to share how much they are enjoying their book... Read More

Article Image Less homework, more reading

Mid Canterbury school principal Sean Wansbrough is a keen advocate of the pastime of reading, so much so that the school's homework policy reflects this. Pupils' homework requirements have been... Read More

Article Image Leading Reading - student book groups

BDS offers high schools a student book-group programme for the first part of the academic year. Fifteen student groups are operating this year, including an all-boys group at Sancta Maria College... Read More

Article Image Sight impairment no reason to avoid book club

Having poor eyesight doesn’t mean you can’t be part of a book group, according to a Far North reader Jean Dowson. Jean coordinates a Book Discussion Scheme book group that has been going for 22... Read More

Article Image Your feedback counts

Member's feedback about BDS books and discussion notes is vital. Book groups' comments - whether positive or 'constructive' - help the scheme to maintain a quality selection of titles and to... Read More

Article Image When is a question a ‘good’ question?

 When is a question a ‘good’ question? New Zealand author Tina Shaw is one of 22 Book Discussion Scheme notewriters who are faced with crafting ‘good’ questions and informative material... Read More

Article Image The life journey of a barcode

When a box of sparkling new books arrives at the Sydenham office of Book Discussion Scheme, not all staff view the arriving package with the full reverence it deserves! One such person is our... Read More


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