Prison book group volunteer honoured

Prison volunteer Celia Bockett received an award from Department of Corrections Ara Poutama Aotearoa for her help in running a BDS book group at Tongariro prison. 

BDS was advised of Celia's award by Helen Johnston, Senior Advisor Community Partnerships, who forwarded this article about the volunteer award ceremony:

"The prison celebrated National Volunteer Week with a concert performed by paihere from Te Hikoinga (Māori Focus Unit) and an afternoon tea for their team of 26 volunteers.

'Many Howard League volunteers only work with one or two paihere at the gatehouse and although they’ve all had a tour of the site, they often don’t get the wider picture of what activities happen at the prison,' says Regional Volunteer Coordinator Gendi Te Keepa. 'It was a fun and enlightening event for everyone.'

Celia Bockett was pleasantly surprised to receive a volunteer recognition certificate for her monthly book discussion group.  A former librarian, Celia has a passion for adult literacy and has been running the group for about 10 months.

Gendi says Ceila has made a real difference.  'You can see that the men are enthusiastic and really enjoy the book group.  They’re participating more as time goes on and are growing in confidence.' ”

Well done Celia!   


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