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How many book clubs have a patron? Dunedin 058 does.

A patron is 'a loyal supporter of someone or something'. Google tell us that a patron of the arts 'helps support starving artists'; we hope that doesn't apply to the members of this book group!  (As an aside, the word 'patron' comes from the Latin pater, meaning 'father' so should we actually refer to Neroli as 'matron'? Or is the term gender neutral as the word 'actor' has become? Anyway, back to the story... - Editor)

Fifteen years ago, when Lorraine Isaacs of Dunedin visited her childhood friend Neroli Wood in Perth, she discovered that Neroli belonged to no fewer than three book clubs.

Neroli encouraged Lorraine to convene a single book club, which her (Neroli's) elder sister, Jenny, would join. In return, Lorraine made Neroli the as-yet-unformed book club's patron. DUNED 058 was begun on Lorraine's return to New Zealand. Six of the original seven members still meet every month. To date, they have read and discussed 139 BDS books.

In November, when member Jenny Drew turned 80, Neroli came over for the celebration. The photo below shows the Dunedin book club and its patron after a delicious birthday lunch.

Front Row:   Lorraine Isaacs (Convener), Neroli Wood (Patron), Jenny Drew (80th birthday)

Back Row: Maureen Smith, Jeanette Leigh, Helen Lloyd, Gaynor Haig, Vivienne McLean.

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