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Welcome to the WORD Book Club

read, watch, discuss

Book Discussion Scheme are proud to be partnering with WORD Christchurch to bring you the WORD Book Club — a chance for you and your friends to extend and enrich your WORD Festival experience! The WORD Book Club allows you to combine reading and discussing WORD author books with viewing livestreams of festival sessions. 

Your book club will choose five titles from our curated list of WORD Christchurch 2023 and 2022 authors, and together you'll read and discuss one title a month. Each month WORD will also send your group members a link to the author's livestream for you to either watch in your own time or as a group. Plus, BDS dispatch to book clubs NZ-wide — so groups can sign up from anywhere in the country!

 Read on to find out how it all works, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your questions.

How does it work?

WORD Book Clubs will meet once a month for six months. We’ll send your group five books written by WORD authors, one every month from the time you register. 

You can register to participate in the WORD Book Club anytime between now and 31 October 2023.

What's the cost?

WORD Book Clubbers receive awesome discounts on both their membership with BDS and WORD livestreams. You’ll receive:

For the special price of:

WORD Book Groups also only need a minimum of three members to get started (normally seven) so you can start experiencing the benefits of book group without having to get a larger group together.

How do we join?

The goal is to get more out of both your reading and your festival experience, so this involves getting at least a couple of friends to join you. Your monthly book club catch-ups will be a chance to discuss the books you've read and share your thoughts and feelings.  You may also want to relate what you've read to any relevant sessions from the Festival.

Step One: Rally

  • Gather a group of between three and ten members for your book club
  • Nominate a coordinator. They’ll be responsible for handing out and returning the books. If you’re outside of Christchurch, we’ll send your book sets to their address.
  • Choose a monthly meeting day that works for everyone

Step Two: Register

Complete the registration form ensuring you:

  • Choose five titles from our curated list of WORD author works
  • Include a name and email address for each member
  • Pay your discounted book club fee
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Step Three: Read

  • Books start arriving (or are ready for pick up) about seven days before each of your monthly meetings
  • Read one book each month
  • Meet to discuss each book with your group

Step Four: Return

  • Return each book set to BDS within seven days of your meeting. 
  • Overdue books may delay your next set, so make use of our convenient return courier bags which enable you to book a pick-up online. BDS HQ in Christchurch also provides an after hours dropbox for returns.

Step Five: Review

Books offered as part of the WORD Book Club will later be available to regular BDS book clubs, so we invite your group to send us a review of each title you receive.

Please contact us with any other questions or suggestions — we're keen to hear from you!

Read on to understand more about how your six-month WORD Book Club will go

List of books

When you register, you'll select five titles from this curated list for your book club. About seven days before your first book club meeting, you'll receive the first of your chosen titles, with enough copies for everyone to read the same book at the same time — reading is better when done together!

2023 Authors and Titles


Catherine Chidgey

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The Axeman's Carnival

Catherine Chidgey

Read More  Livestream info
The Wish Child

Catherine Chidgey


Byron C Clark

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Sorrow & Bliss

Meg Mason

Read More  Livestream info
Not Set in Stone

David Vass

Read more Livestream info
There's a Cure for This

Dr Emma Espiner

Read more Livestream info

Witi Ihimaera

read more Livestream info

Witi Ihimaera

read more livestream info
Māori Boy

Witi Ihimaera

read more livestream info
The Deck

Fiona Farrell

read more livestream info
Mr Allbone's Ferrets

Fiona Farrell

read more livestream info
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