Before the Fall

Hawley, Noah

  13 Reviews

Accepting a flight home on a private jet instead of taking the ferry like everyone else, becomes a life-changing decision for artist Scott Burroughs. When the plane crashes into the ocean between Martha's Vineyard and New York, he and JJ, a four-year-old boy, are the only survivors of the 11 people on board. In the ensuing media maelstrom, the euphoria of their miraculous survival is eroded and the official investigation into the crash takes a backseat to increasing media misinformation and hyperbole.

With its intriguing revelation of the passenger and crews' backstories, and its flirtation with the world of art, this is a page-turning mystery and a novel of our time, rife with 'fake news' and the high cost of 24-hour news cycles. [Larger font]



TAUR 015
Excellent story. Absorbing. Great characters. Interesting discussion about different aspects of modern media ensued.
AUCK 412
Very mixed opinions on this one, with most loving it but the two or three who didn't like it gave it a very bad rating. Of those who loved it, they found it had a bit of everything, especially the plot twist.
WARK 003
While we all thought it very commercial, an 'airport book', two of us enjoyed it as a gripping page-turner, two thought it was rubbish, one just "wasn't in the mood" and read only a few chapters, and one just skimmed. Very timely though, as we are so aware of the power of media speculation and distortion, and of fake news.
AUCK 155
We unanimously enjoyed the book, a thriller for a change, and a quick read. Lots of discussion around the buildup of characters and suspense, and around the news as entertainment.
CHCH 113
All enjoyed the storyline very much, and particularly liked the character development - with each chapter outlining the 'contribution' each individual made to the eventual outcome. This plot technique kept you guessing until the end, which all found satisfying. No one was particularly invested in any of the characters though, and it was felt that the story/book could have benefited from tighter editing. We would recommend to other groups however!
We all enjoyed the first part but some thought the story lagged later. We discussed the contrast of the news coverage with our own examples of media frenzy. A good read with shortcomings - fairly weak ending.
Mixed views - a light read, and intriguing. We found some of the characters a bit lightweight, but it kept you turning the page.
WELL 142
Book much enjoyed by all. Provoked lively and affirming discussion. Many interested to read more of his books.
The book provoked discussion about the role and importance of the media. Also discussion as to whether the book was a thriller or social commentary. The group's overall opinion of the book was positive.
AUCK 404
A wonderful, thrilling read that everyone enjoyed. Very thought provoking.
NELS 075
Good read and enjoyed by all members. A real page turner that had a number of twists and turns. Most thought the ending a bit of a disappointment however!
A great holiday read, it was absorbing and kept you guessing. We liked the way the character Scott spoke his mind. It was intriguing the way it all came together at the end.
CHCH 312
This book had a variety of threads cleverly interwoven that kept you reading and wondering what really happened. The story was well written with interesting characters.