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How does my group choose our books?

BDS book clubs choose their own books from our catalogue of over 1,000 titles. If you're struggling to choose books, check out our staff picks or use the 'group favourites' filter in the catalogue — they're a great place to start.

Most book clubs give everyone in the group a chance to choose some of the books. You can allocate a certain number of choices per member, or cast votes for the books you'd most like to read. 

However you share the responsibility of selecting books, make sure you check your final 25 for variety. We recommend a good mix of fiction, non-fiction, lighter and literary reads, with various themes and subjects.

Which books will my group receive?

We won't send you a book that isn't on your list. The order you receive them in depends on availability. If you put your book list in priority order, our system will select the book nearest the top of your list which has sufficient copies in stock.

If you receive a Holiday Read during Dec/Jan we will email you ahead of time to ask if you have a preferred title on your list your group would like to read over this period and do our best to provide that book.

When can I pick up my group's books / when will they be delivered?

Generally, your books are ready to be picked up / delivered seven days before your meeting. At certain times of the year, they may be ready earlier as we work dispatches around public holidays, for example.

How can our group get the latest books sooner?

BDS add 60 new titles to the catalogue every year. We announce these on Facebook, Instagram and in our newsletters. We have made these books available to groups as soon as they are added to the catalogue while we work on the tailored discussion notes. You must opt-in to receiving generic book notes by selecting this on enrolment or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can our group change our book list during the year?

Yes. Once you've registered with us, the coordinator receives an online login where they can manage the group's book list. This includes putting the list in priority order, adding and removing books.

What happens if our group loses or damages a book?

If a book goes missing, we allow up to three months for it to appear before issuing an invoice. If a book is returned damaged, we will email the coordinator and issue an invoice. We recommend the coordinator uses the consignment note provided with each book set to record who has each book by writing their name next to the relevant barcode. This makes it clear that each member is responsible for the care and safe return of their book.

For lost or damaged book notes, we ask for a gold coin donation to help cover the cost of reprinting.

What is a Holiday Read?

A Holiday Read is an optional 11th book for full programme groups, read over a two month period during the Dec/Jan summer holidays. For most Christchurch groups who pick up their books this is free. For groups in other parts of NZ there is a small additional fee

We will do our best to supply your group with the Holiday Read of your choice. Coordinators will receive a reminder email toward the end of the calendar year asking for your group's preferred title.

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