Black River

Hulse, S.M.

  12 Reviews

No longer able to find solace in his beloved music, Wes Carver is a man who silently endures. He's returning home to Black River, Montana, angry and resentful with plenty to wrestle with: the loss of his wife Claire, his difficult relationship with his stepson Dennis, and the longstanding trauma he suffered as a corrections officer caught up in a prison riot. Mired in his past, Wes must decide if redemption is possible through forgiveness or through punishment.

A haunting, powerful story laced with hope and the possibility of grace.



Rather a depressing book, but it generated quite a lot of discussion. Characters not fully fleshed out but it was well-written and interesting. Torture scenes a bit graphic.
NELS 021
Half our group could not read this due to the violence and doom. The other half LOVED the writing. The characters were vivid and sad, and the generational dilemmas written beautifully. 4 stars for those who read it.
ASHB 016
What a dark book!! However we all enjoyed it, all agreed it was very dark but very well written. We all agreed that it is too easy to keep to our happy worlds and forget about what else is happening out there sometimes. Lots of discussion, so basically although a deep dark story, it was good. Loved listening to everyone's opinions on it.
AUCK 335
This book was gripping, gritty, very well-written and a challenging read. Some found the violence very difficult and upsetting; all found it rather depressing. Sad, disturbed people in a cold, dark environment dominated by a dreadful prison - glimpses of beauty in the natural world and a few hints of grace. We agreed none of us would have chosen the book but all found it worth the effort.
AUCK 069
Overall nearly everyone ( bar one) scored it 8.5-9.5. Unusually, everyone loved her writing and the many strands of the rich story, despite the nature of the violence.
The font made it a little difficult to read. Most just loved it with its fantastic writing and her portrayal of men and emotions. 1 or 2 found it a bit 'dark', but a book to remember. Will look out for this author again.
A very descriptive book with honest, warts and all, characters. A gloomy book. The writer obviously knows her music and horses.
MAST 003
We all thought this was a great book - probably the best this year, and we have had many very good books. Lots of interesting moral questions raised, and excellently written. Would highly recommend to other groups.
Our group was divided between those that loved the book and the way it was written, to those who struggled with the underlying sadness throughout the book.
CHCH 109
This gave us a better understanding of people who are living in a very different culture and mind-set, something that, as New Zealanders, we don't always understand (ie. USA West). Many differences of opinions about this book.
Everyone enjoyed this book. We all felt it was well written. Good discussion around the questions. The group felt it was one of the better books we have read during the year.
CHCH 321
We loved this book - great characters, lovely story, an author to watch.