Blind Assassin, The

Atwood, Margaret

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"Ten days after the war," says Iris Chase, "my sister, Laura, drove a car off a bridge." Iris pens a letter of the Chase family saga, but Laura's posthumously published novel, The Blind Assassin, interrupts as a parable on reality. Atwood deftly moves the reader through several narratives. [Big read] Winner Booker Prize, 2001.

Comments from Groups

We all devoured this book and had a really energetic discussion. Wanaka 005

All enjoyed it. Almost everyone had trouble getting into the book, but once into it the story flowed and was enjoyed. Auckland 234

We found this book complex but satisfying, and most of us want to read more of Atwood's writings. Dunedin 058

Excellent book. Nice use of language. Story-line a bit confusing but gripping. Several of us read it a second time and understanding it better, enjoyed it even more. Best discussion yet. Wairoa 001

Excellent writing but some found the plots rather confusing. This resulted in much discussion with many different views. Palmerston North 012

A talented writer who takes you on a disturbing journey of tragedy, human conditions and historical insights. Indulgent - very long. Whangarei 016



ASHB 028
Challenging! One story thread (fantasy) was very hard to read as violent themes. Interesting twist at the end.
We all enjoyed 'The Blind Assassin' - it provoked a lively discussion about what we do/do not talk about in families.
AUCK 007
Loved the book - all 10 of us.
WELL 027
We all enjoyed this book and found the storylines (themes) made us read on to find out what happened next. Most will read other books by Margaret Atwood.
NELS 011
Very good book - we would definitely recommend. Keeps you guessing.
WELL 105
We loved this!
We loved it - a great discussion was held. Difficult to "get into" for the first 100 pages, then none of us could put it down.
CHCH 099
Although this book was slow reading, discussion was interesting with a wide variation of comments.
Quite lengthy and drawn out. Interest waned but some surprising twists.
Half the group thought it was really well-written and a really special book. The other half found it too long and just didn't have the time to read it.
ASHB 009
Everyone agreed that Margaret Atwood is an amazingly descriptive writer, but those of us who finished the book found it hard going! Would only recommend to readers with plenty of time and stamina ( and maybe a bit younger than us!! Loved her description of the betrayal of the body when we need it most!
CHCH 229
Only two were able to finish it in the month. However those who didn't finish wanted to keep reading it, as they were really enjoying the story.
NELS 014
A wonderful read. Enjoyed by all, and we had a great and varied discussion.
This was a challenging read for some members, a few of whom chose not to finish the book....However a lively discussion took place, and some of these people are now off to the library to get a copy to finish!! Atwood writes wonderfully, using an amazing command of language, and the structure of the book is complex but effective. We all admired her ability to make a cohesive whole from such a variety of angles...A sad story, but the title was a feat - almost all the characters, with the exception of Reenie and Myra, were silent assassins!
NELS 055
An interesting story with interesting characters. Could do with a good edit.