Collected Regrets of Clover, The

Brammer, Mikki

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Clover Brooks has so immersed herself in her work as a death doula in New York - providing support and solace to those nearing the end of their lives - that she has forgotten how to ‘seize the day’ for herself. When her latest client discloses a lingering regret, Clover is determined to bring closure to Claudia’s decades-old love story, and in doing so, opens up her own life to the possibility of happiness and love.

With its unique perspective and empathetic characters, this is a warm and hopeful story that treats its subject matter with sensitivity and compassion.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"A difficult subject treated thoughtfully and very open-mindedly."

"The characters are drawn with great empathy and detail."

"Don't worry about the book being about death - overall it's a very positive read and it was nice to read of someone who cared for older people. - recommended."

"I was a bit anxious about the topic when I started reading, but the book is warm, but matter-of-fact about death, and I actually learnt quite a lot and found it quite uplifting."

"The whole subject of death doulas is very interesting and the author handled it very well. I'd never heard of them before."

"The book is quite a sentimental read and I enjoyed it very much. It's very interesting to learn of Clover's life story."

"I found it most interesting and it's nice to read a bit of a love story."

"The story moves along quite rapidly with some lighter moments."



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