Crow Lake

Lawson, Mary

  10 Reviews

Kate Morrison relives events that left seven-year-old Kate, her toddler sister, and two teenage brothers to fend for themselves after their parents are killed in a car accident. Planning a return trip to her childhood home in rural northern Ontario, she recalls her upbringing, the tragedy, and her brother's sacrifices to hold the family together.

Comments from Groups

The group loved this book. Some read it twice. We were transported into the lives of the characters and their environments. Nelson 051

Very much enjoyed. Two people were put off by the cover and one person said it dragged towards the end. Everyone else loved it and there was good discussion, especially about small towns and isolation in relation to crises and tragedies. Martinborough 003

A good book. Led to extensive discussion on expressing emotions and importance of communication and communitites. Magawheka 001

The book was enjoyed by the whole group. We had a very lively and full discussion. The questions were well worded and thought out. Christchurch 108

Everyone loved it-great descriptive characters. One of the best. Wanaka 009

What a great read! Everyone of us really enjoyed the book. An easy read but one that we could all relate to in terms of emotion. Winton 001

An enthralling read. Interesting character developments. Legacies from childhood affecting adult relationships. Doubtless Bay 002

This was an all time favourite but it didn't stop a very lively discussion ensuing. We've all decided Canadians are great story tellers. Auckland 199

We all enjoyed the book. Provoked interesting discussion. We could relate to the characters and could imagine it being true. Te Uri 001

Most members were caught up in the opening chapters, and affected by the tension build up in the story. Many could relate to parallel incidents in their own experiences/early years. At times raw, at times unjust, but all agreed this book would go on to become a 'classic' in years ahead. A compelling read, that was rewarded in the end. Katikati 008

Half the group enjoyed the book so much that they are looking for other books by the same author. Three readers thought it promised more, but fizzled out at the end. Auckland 280

Although Crow Lake was a 'slow read' at times, the themes of grief, disappointment and expectations were well explored. Tokoroa 001

This book conjures up excellent images of time (era) and place (remote) with all the aspects that these two factors mean for human communities and families. Our discussion focused heavily on violence in the family and the impact of childhood events on the individual's development. Hamilton 014

Stunning book. Fantastic characterisation. We would consider it to be one of the best books we have read. Great discussion had re family dynamics etc. Christchurch 011

Everyone enjoyed this book - for the story, the clever construction, presentation of characters and their credibility. The discussion was lively on sibling rivalry, nature v. nurture, heredity and family culture. Christchurch 068

This is a quiet book that leads the reader gently through what would have been an ongoing traumatic experience for the Morrison family. We all realised this was a work of fiction, but admired the boys who sacrificed so much of their future to ensure that the family was kept together, and that the two girls were brought up to fulfil their potential. The interwoven story of the Pye family adds depth to the story, underlining the vast range of emotions in the community. And, of course the opening paragraph about Great-Grandmother Morrison had us all gripped, although today the book would have been attached to the dash-board, exer-cycle, or the food-processor! Auckland 006

We all really enjoyed this book - it was a good but easy read. We were divided over whether we actually liked the main character. A good study of life and the choices you make, and also the way you choose to look at the situations you end up in. Auckland 223



A good read with well formed characters.
MAST 014
Our group seemed to thoroughly enjoy this book. The only exception was the very short ending. We all loved the characters and the storyline, and even though it was quite a simple one, there were many different layers involving the relationships, the settings, the dynamics of interweaving lives and the vivid description of Kate. Well-written.
AUCK 412
We really enjoyed the book and felt we got to know the main characters very well. We could all identify with the life struggles families often have and what they will do to survive. A very interesting and slowly-unfolding take on sibling rivalry.
Most of us really enjoyed it, but a few found the premise too sad or the characters a little annoying. The pictures the book paints of the life in a small remote town is very touching. We kept reading for the mystery but we were glad we stuck with it.
NELS 065
We fell in love with the gentleness of the characters, and the boys' struggles and challanges in holding the family together. Awesome discussion, especially on how childhood experiences either lift up or break characters.
Everyone enjoyed it. The character descriptions were excellent, and we felt really engaged and as if we knew these people. Tension quietly built through the story with an unexpected twist at the end. It made us question our own perceptions of others, and their often very different views.
WELL 153
Well-written with beautiful storytelling, evocative of a time and place - but delivering a heart breaking tragedy of family misunderstandings and delusions. The 'happy' ending was a welcome conclusion! Would highly recommend.
We enjoyed the tale and characters - a family who needed to talk more!
Very popular read. Beautiful writing about relationships and coping strategies with tragedy. Some had read her next two novels on the strength of this.
One of those ho-hum books. Some enjoyed it some didn't but all pretty much agreed it was well written. A wide range of opinions about it. Enough said!