Glass Hotel, The

Mandel, Emily St John

  4 Reviews

Brother and sister Paul and Vincent Smith's presence at the remote luxury Hotel Caiette on Vancouver Island is one of employment not recreation. However, when Vincent, a social chameleon of the highest order meets hotel owner and financier Jonathan Alkailitis, she enters a world centred on wealth. But this 'kingdom of money' with its luxurious complacency is doomed to go the way of all Ponzi schemes, ensuring financial collapse for all concerned.

With its many and varied settings moving between British Columbia, New York, a prison in South Carolina and a container ship in international waters, this intriguing fast-paced story exposes its interconnected and often haunted characters to a precarious world of greed and moral compromise.



AUCK 352
Mixed reactions - some were lukewarm, some loved it.
WELL 001
We had a variety of reactions to this book. All agreed it was well-written. The discussion focused on what it was the author had intended; were the characters rounded; the purpose of the transitions backwards and forwards in time. ( as well as touching on N.Z financial scandals). Despite differing degrees of enthusiasm, everyone finished the book.
WANG 011
Clever. More or less like a succession of short stories. Not entirely believable. But worth reading.
We were a little disappointed in this book, having previously enjoyed 'Station Eleven'. Although we like her writing style and characterisations, we found this story disjointed with too many characters.