Golden Child

Adam, Claire

  7 Reviews

The question is, how would you choose? Clyde Deyalsingh has an impossible decision to make: use the family's limited resources to launch Peter, the favoured twin, or rescue Paul, his challenging brother?

Set in rural Trinidad, this thought-provoking story of ambition and betrayal is distinguished by its sensitive depiction of family life and its page-turning urgency.



AUCK 271
This book provoked a robust discussion. It was polarising! This gave us an insight into life in Trinidad, and opened our eyes to the corruption in the country. We were all agreed that the 'kidnapping scenes' made us feel uncomfortable. The final page "creeped us out"!
Mixed feelings. Some people really enjoyed the book, others not so much. We thought it was easy to read.
NEWP 004
Slow to start, but most got hooked and found the story thought-provoking.
AUCK 208
Some of our group found this book interesting, but also upsetting reading due to the kidnapping. One person had been to Trinidad and said this is reasonably common ( the book content). Another googled and said kidnapping and crime still rife there.
AUCK 293
Golden Child is a well-written novel, the author painted a vivid picture. The murder of a child by kidnappers is hard to take, so the story did not leave a "nice taste in the mouth". However, there was much discussion around the ending of the book - two very different opinions as to what really happened. Very interesting.
AUCK 010
Most of the group did not enjoy this book. The main reason was the subject matter. It did pose a very difficult question, but all agreed the choice made by Clyde was not the right one. Having said that, I found the book a powerful, thought-provoking read.
AUCK 412
This book prompted the most varied discussion we have had over our 22 books so far. We had extremes from not liking it at all to loving it. We discussed the awful situation Clyde found himself in but, most of all, we agreed that the ending was very poor and inconclusive. Was it suicide or did Peter and the priest choose life over death To some, the ending spoilt our enjoyment of the book.