Half Life of Valery K, The

Pulley, Natasha

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Nuclear scientist Valery Kolkhanov is resigned to life in a Siberian gulag, but with a nod from his former mentor he suddenly finds himself in City 40, a mysterious town in a forest where he is to study the effects of radiation on the ecosystem. Who wouldn't enjoy the dramatic improvements in the living conditions? But it comes with a price and when Valery realises just what his research is to encompass, it really is a case of out of the frying pan into the fire.

With its plausible characters, grim tidings and provocative plot, this is a terrifying Cold War thriller based on true events.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Compulsive reading and very hard to put down."

"Fabulous plot - but terrifying - loved it!"

"Despite the topic, which is based on true events, it was very easy to read and is well written."

"This book will appeal to both men and women. My husband loved it."

"Wonderful characters - all very well described and easy to relate to."

"It's a fabulous read but not for the faint hearted."



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