Harvest of Thorns, A

Addison, Corban

  4 Reviews

Who doesn't love a bargain when it comes to buying clothes, but at what cost? A garment factory fire ... an American corporation ... a whistleblower ... a courtroom.

From Bangladesh to Malaysia to Washington D.C., this journey across the world has a company lawyer and an investigative journalist lifting the lid on the international garment trade.

Comprehensively researched, this is a compelling and challenging thriller revealing just what is at stake when corporate greed runs rampant.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"For those who enjoyed John Grisham's early works, this will be catnip!"

"This is a fascinating read. Although it is fiction, there is a lot of factual information around the supply chain of a big corporation."

"An interesting and well-researched story about globalisation and the fashion industry."

"Good insight into how the legal system works or does not work."

"Personal details regarding the characters, the intensity with which the story is told, makes this an excellent read."

"This story has parallels in many societies where international companies can apply undue pressure for cheap goods; even our own is not exempt from exploiting workers."

"The characters' stories are rather predictable however they do carry the story forward and allows the author to delve into the complex reasons behind the exploitation of workers in poorer countries."



A very worthwhile read. It generated a good discussion. It raises awareness of the global disparities created by the capitalist economic model. It is focused on the garment industry but applies to whatever uses maximum profit as the guiding principle.
AUCK 414
Everyone loved the content of the story. A couple thought the writing was a bit formulaic.
Book was enjoyed by most.
Exciting, well-written book with a very topical subject. Left most of us determined to check the country of origin much more carefully. It also led to a lively discussion on who is driving this slave labour, corporates/shareholders or customers.