Harvest of Thorns, A

Addison, Corban

  17 Reviews

Who doesn't love a bargain when it comes to buying clothes, but at what cost? A garment factory fire ... an American corporation ... a whistleblower ... a courtroom.

From Bangladesh to Malaysia to Washington D.C., this journey across the world has a company lawyer and an investigative journalist lifting the lid on the international garment trade.

Comprehensively researched, this is a compelling and challenging thriller revealing just what is at stake when corporate greed runs rampant.



NELS 043
All felt this was an essential read, and the use of a fictional book made for quite a thriller. Some felt there was too much detail distracting from character development. Overall it was enjoyed by all.
PICT 001
The majority of people didn't enjoy the writing style. Thought the book too long and stretched out.
ROTO 010
Lots of conversation from our group, acknowledging the real plight of subjugated workers for Western companies, and our personal consumer efforts to not support nefarious clothes brands (sewing our own, upcycling, visiting the backs of our closets for 'new' threads). Most of us felt the writing was tedious especially the 'happy ending' that was American-candy style, contrived.
AUCK 277
The book polarised opinions in our group. Two found it tedious or lacking interest. Several others were very enthusiastic and commented that it held their interest throughout. One member said it was obviously written by a man, due to its style ( this not in any way negative!) and another member agreed. We enjoyed the fact that the content was so different to many other books we've read, and acknowledged the sad fact of how closely it was based on real events. Very challenging to our thinking!
We found the book informative. Main characters were engaging and well drawn, but the style of narrative overwritten with too many irrelevant details, and way too many adjectives.
TAUR 059
Most of the group enjoyed the book. Although we were all aware of the issues the story portrayed we all agreed it was a thought provoking topic and a disquieting insight into how peoples shopping choices perpetuate the issues raised in the books. Depressingly, we could all see that no matter what, it would be nearly impossible for much to change. Opinions on the writing style and the characters varied, but most agreed it seemed the characters were created purely to perpetuate everything the author wanted to portray without any real depth or feeling, and it was hard to be engaged by them.
CHCH 545
Really good and thought-provoking. Makes you aware when shopping.
WELL 187
Half the group felt the subject matter would have had more impact as a non-fiction book - they felt the characters weren't rounded enough. The other half enjoyed the book very much. The subject of greed and large corporations provided an interesting and vigorous discussion.
Excellent choice which evoked good discussion on economics and international trading policies.
TAUP 012
Some loved this book and gave it a 5. Others found it enjoyable but hard to follow at first. Overall a good read.
OMAR 001
Fab-ul-ous read. Great plot and extremely well-written. Highly recommend.
CHCH 422
Well researched. "Couldn't put it down". It was a read that required your full attention. There were many descriptive passages which hindered the pace of the story. Group was keen to read other titles by this author - had received and read 'The Tears of Dark Water' previously.
NELS 062
Mixed views though all agreed the issue of abuse of overseas workers in the garment industry was important. A good example of fiction addressing real issues like corruption, bribery, power and privilege. Thought provoking and a cry to change our buying habits.
A very worthwhile read. It generated a good discussion. It raises awareness of the global disparities created by the capitalist economic model. It is focused on the garment industry but applies to whatever uses maximum profit as the guiding principle.
AUCK 414
Everyone loved the content of the story. A couple thought the writing was a bit formulaic.
Book was enjoyed by most.
Exciting, well-written book with a very topical subject. Left most of us determined to check the country of origin much more carefully. It also led to a lively discussion on who is driving this slave labour, corporates/shareholders or customers.