He Gets That From Me

Friedland, Jacqueline

  3 Reviews

By undertaking a successful surrogate pregnancy, Maggie Fisher ensures a better future for her husband and child, while helping create a family for dads Chip and Donovan Rigsdale. When twins Kai and Teddy are handed over, that should be the end of that, but a DNA test a decade later reveals some surprising results ... and that's when things get messy.

Narrated alternately by Maggie and Donovan, this suspenseful, believable story with its convincing characters cuts to the core of what makes a parent, and what makes a family.



PAUA 002
We all thoroughly enjoyed this book, very thought provoking, with discussion lasting well over an hour. Best Book of the Year!
CHCH 555
Great subject, with N.Z. looking at these laws at the moment. One dimensional characters however, not 'fleshed out' enough, and the language didn't change between characters.
AUCK 422
This book raised many controversial and contemporary issues that engendered a very robust and interesting discussion.