Healing, The

Odell, Jonathan

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Polly Shine is a healer and midwife and as such is purchased to attend to the slaves of the Satterfield plantation. On arrival she is faced with an unexpected situation; Granada, the young black girl being raised as if she is the daughter of the house, appears to possess a talent similar to her own, one she is reluctant to embrace. But the ability to heal is a precious gift not to be squandered, and Polly's determination to bring it to fruition will affect everyone on the plantation, black or white.

Based on oral histories of the period, this is an unforgettable story of strong women and the antebellum South that ponders the true nature of freedom and the healing power of story. [Small font]

Comments from Groups

A book which provoked intense discussion on slavery in the 'Deep South', and how freedom came at a cost with so many slaves left to fend for themselves. A fascinating story about women healers/midwives who were so necessary to the health and well-being of those around them , then were made redundant by the medical profession, and now have come back into their own again. Above all, a story about a people whose ancestors influence their descendants and how everyone is connected. Auckland 210

What an intriguing story! Great characters. Some wonderful words of wisdom .Highly recommended. Tauranga 015

This book was given a 10, by 11 out of 12 members. Given that the main characters were all women, we felt the male author should be praised for his insightful and sensitive portrayal of them .Excellent. Oxford 002

We enjoyed the book and had a thorough discussion. There was interesting information in the epilogue about the author's own background growing up in a small southern town in the USA, and his family history. This clearly informed this novel and its plot and themes, even though he is a white man writing about black society. Ashburton 003

We all enjoyed this book, even though the subject (slavery) was a tragic one. A couple of us felt a little frustrated that several threads of the story were not tied up at the end, but despite that we thought it was a fascinating book. Auckland 350

All enjoyed the book. Recommended. Better than 'The Help'. Te Puke 006



MILT 002
Members found 'The Healing' a very interesting read which engendered a lot of discussion. Particularly in relation to recent international events. A thought provoking book.
So interesting to read and so sad.
General feeling that this was a worthwhile and valuable read.
We all enjoyed this book, which was a first for us! A satisfying read and lots of different themes to discuss.