Brooks, Geraldine

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Once upon a time there was Lexington, the fastest horse in the world, a horse worthy of a portrait but more than 150 years later the painting is found discarded on a Washington D.C. footpath.

Lexington's story is a story of the South, of Jarret his groom, of the Civil War, the burgeoning horse racing industry, and in the 21st century, of Theo an art historian, Jess, a Smithsonian scientist, and a bitter legacy of slavery and racism. Extensively researched, beautifully written.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Beautifully written. The author uses the language and speech pattern appropriate to each time setting."

"The storyline is tight, exciting, fascinating and engaging."

"A very well-researched and developed story."

"The reader is effortlessly switched between time periods and characters. Excellent chapter headings assist with this."

"The research accuracy is convincing - and the research is extensive."

"This is a 'rich' story - there is much to absorb and enjoy."

"The characters are clearly described and interesting as personalities."

"Horse-racing as a historical industry makes for an unusual accompaniment to the slavery story and has its own considerable interest."



NELS 015
The group thoroughly enjoyed this book. The mix of characters, the history and the facts and historical research woven through the story made it a very enjoyable read.