List of My Desires, The

Delacourt, Gregoire

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It is a question we all have pondered: what would we do if we won the lottery? Jocelyne faces such a conundrum when she wins the EuroMillions jackpot. Life in a French provincial town with her husband and her dressmaking shop and blog, is simple but satisfying. But now, well ... the jury is still out on whether money can buy happiness or not.

Bursting with Gallic charm, this short but perfectly formed morality tale explores our universal search for happiness with a light touch and a generous spirit. Translated from the French. [Larger font]

Comments from Groups

Many found this quick and fairly easy to read the first time, but by the end realised it was really quite complex and read it again. None of us came to the same resolutions except that we are all so different, and that rights and wrongs can be very mixed. We found that some characters found the better solutions, but all carried heavy burdens along the way. It was a very worthwhile and thought-provoking read, and we recommend it to other groups... Pahiatua 001

A mixed reception from our group. Half loved it, other half not so keen - but that caused an interesting discussion on love, loss, acceptance, change and controlling your own destiny. We would recommend to other groups. Auckland 280

Most of us started out thinking the book was a bit trivial and lightweight, but ultimately judged it as quite profound and moving. It led to a great discussion about what's important in life, and how different cultures have different values, and how hard it is to integrate into another culture...Masterton 003

This was an easy read that created lots of discussion around winning money etc. Some felt that the end was a bit flat, or would have preferred a happier ending. Christchurch 268

We all enjoyed this charming book. Tauranga 028

One of the best discussions ever. A lovely short story - about desire and greed. Christchurch 229

We were disappointed by this book. Predictable and empty. Unbelieveable characters. A woman's narrative obviously written by a man. A very quick read. Auckland 255



ASHB 029
A simple read but enjoyed by all.
RAUM 001
We all enjoyed this short book, which made us think about what we value.
Everyone loved it but found the story very sad. Good description of life in a small French village. Relationships explored very well.
CHCH 011
A gorgeous read and well-written. We loved 'The Lists' and the 'Blogs', and felt that although it was quite depressing in parts it ended with some hope for our heroine to be really happy.
NELS 044
Universally enjoyed, and it generated a lengthy and meaningful discussion about the pleasures and perils of winning lots of money.
AUCK 071
Some of the group thought it was very profound and raised very uncomfortable ideas. Others found it contrived, and did not find the plot or characters convincing. These opposed views led to a very thoughtful discussion.
We enjoyed this book, and our discussion which explored the effect of unexpected windfalls on a relationship. The author manages to introduce many themes throughout the story without impacting on the main one ie. Joceylyne's reaction to her sudden fortune and the implications of it on her family. Most of the group read the book within a short space of time and felt that they were able to keep focussed on the development of story and characters. A recommended read.
Great book, generated lots of discussion!
AUCK 314
Reaction was mixed to the book itself - some were disappointed in the ending. But the discussion was interesting, especially on the last question. And of course what we would all do if we won Lotto.
AUCK 038
We all loved this little book! Such a profound commentary on the meaning of happiness.