My Name is Maame

George, Jessica

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Some people might say "about time" when Maddie Wright moves out of home when she is twenty-five years old. But Maddie has been otherwise occupied getting educated, caring for her invalid father and generally being Maame (ma-meh), a good Ghanaian daughter. Her mother's return to London from Ghana allows Maddie to branch out... there are flatmates, a boyfriend and a new job. However, before Maddie can be fully emancipated, tragedy strikes and she is forced to reassess many aspects of her life.

Heartwarming and empowering, this is the poignant coming-of-age story of a courageous young woman straddling two cultures and finding where she belongs, no longer Maame, but Maddie.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Maame is totally engaging!"

"Maame should be in the catalogue, it's quite delightful."

"The author delivers an engaging heroine and story."

"The author has a light touch and Maddie's feelings are relatable without being overwhelming."

"Maddie's problems with the dichotomy of her heritage and current situation are endemic with the children of immigrants worldwide and her pragmatism is refreshing."

"Maddie is an engaging character - her experiences are real but funny."

"The novel is written in the first person and the reader is drawn in to share Maddie's experiences."



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