Mad Honey

Picoult, Jodi & Boylan, JF

  2 Reviews

Both Olivia McAfee and Ava Campanello end up in Adams, New Hampshire to escape family violence, but when their respective children, Asher and Lily, meet at school and fall in love, the trauma is not over: Lily is found dead, Asher is charged with her murder and in the trial that follows, everyone's secrets will be exposed.

Narrated alternately by Olivia and Lily, this is a thoroughly researched story that juggles a riveting courtroom drama, the art of beekeeping and issues around gender conformity, identity and domestic abuse.

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WELL 018
We mostly liked this book - interesting themes discussed.
AUCK 183
Great book with a wide range of topics discussed at the meeting. Something for everyone. Well-written.