Maid, The

Prose, Nita

  6 Reviews

It would be easy to underestimate Molly Gray. As a maid at the Regency Grand Hotel, she unashamedly strives to return things to a 'state of perfection'. But when one of the guests - the notorious Mr Black - is found murdered in his hotel bed, Molly's unique take on the world comes to the fore.

Weaving an enjoyable morality tale through a classic whodunnit, this is an intriguing contemporary mystery with a very distinctive protagonist.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"This is such an enjoyable morality tale."

"Molly's character - always willing but bewildered in social situations - is very appealing."

"The love that her grandmother showed in trying to teach Molly to cope is shown tenderly by this writer."

"Molly is a female Forrest Gump and non-the-less appealing for that."

"A story that would appeal widely and leave most readers a little happier."

"This is an easy read, it is not a 'deep' book. It will suit some groups beautifully but if they're after a 'meaty' book, then this is not for them."

"A book for many audiences, it has both a feel-good quality and a very satisfying resolution."

"There were a few surprises in the book which I didn't see coming."

"I enjoyed Molly's character, but I enjoyed the other characters as well. They were interesting and well-drawn and seeing them through Molly's eyes was fascinating."



CHCH 395
Thought the story was good but the character descriptions were lazy, and relied on cliches and generalisations.
Variation of opinions. Easy to read, with themes making the detective/Agatha Christie style, relevant and thought provoking. Some thought it a bit like other stories.
TAUR 023
This book had a 100% enjoyment factor for all members. We loved the main character, and her personality traits were recognised by some members.
WELL 213
About half our group realised that Molly (the maid) was on the autism spectrum, and read the novel in that context. Everyone enjoyed it as a good read, a 'whodunnit', or a murder mystery, and the happy final resolution pleased everyone.
CHCH 125
Very much enjoyed by our group. Very endearing character. Well-written.
MAST 005
Thoroughly enjoyed by all readers. Molly the Maid in first person was very thorough in telling her story. Excellent descriptive writing and a great plot. We didn't think it was demeaning to those on the Asperger's spectrum.