Once There Were Wolves

McConaghy, Charlotte

  2 Reviews

When biologist Inti Flynn arrives in the Scottish Highlands to lead a rewilding programme for grey wolves, she is accompanied by her twin sister Aggie, who needs her care and support.

The establishment of the Cairngorm Wolf Project incurs a hostile reception, even more so when a local farmer is found dead, and it is inevitable the wolves will be blamed. However, Inti is determined to champion both the wolves and her traumatised twin, whatever the cost.

Fascinating, fast-moving and morally complex, this literary eco-thriller also contains a mystery and a love story within its eloquent pages and rugged landscapes.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Excellent storytelling, great twist at the end."

"I loved it and couldn't put it down."

"Wonderful characters. Inti is complex, fierce, marvellous."

"It's a very dense, complex and fast-moving plot."

"We learn heaps about wolves and re-wilding, immerse ourselves in the Scottish community and environment, consider environmental and social themes, solve a murder mystery and have a baby in a snow storm - and all in 256 pages!"

"Inti is a fascinating character."

'It's rare for me to give a 10/10, but this one got close."



CHCH 125
Interesting concept. Learnt a lot about wolves.
ASHB 012
We all loved this book, well written with a great plot. We learnt a lot about wolves as well.