Scott, Victoria

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Patience is at the heart of the Willow family. Now in her 30s, she was born with Rett syndrome, rendering her unable to speak or control her body. When an opportunity arises for her to undergo experimental gene therapy that might reverse her condition, her parents Louise and Peter, and sister Eliza face an impossible choice.

Poignant, gripping and thought-provoking, this heart-warming story was penned by an author with first-hand experience of such a dilemma.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"An unforgettable read!"

"The book is easy to read, gripping and thought provoking."

"I really liked the fact that each of the main characters was given a voice."

"I enjoyed learning about a new gene disorder, Rett Syndrome, and how it influenced a complete family."

"Very well written. I loved this book."

"The dynamics of the family are realistic, but challenge the reader."

"Great use of the first/third person for insight and understanding."

"An extremely well written story. The author has personal experience so has extra detail and empathy."

"I was fully absorbed in the story and recommend it."



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