Peace Like a River

Enger, Leif

  8 Reviews

On occasion as an asthmatic, eleven year old Reuben Land may struggle to breathe, but he has never hesitated to believe in his father's ability to perform miracles. And it is a miracle the family needs: older brother Davy has escaped from jail and is on the run with the family in hot pursuit.

Set in a wintery 1960s Mid-West, this story is a grand adventure that brings together family, faith and miracles and delivers a gripping and uplifting yarn.

Comments from Groups

A very popular choice. Loved the language, the characters and the descriptions but enough pieces were left out for the reader to make their own choices of what they thought had happened. A book to recommend to others to read. Coromandel 003

I enjoyed the book. It's the sort of book that you need to re-read. Lots of deep meanings. Some really enjoyed it and others disliked it. Upper Hutt 007

Those of us who persevered with it really enjoyed it. Great use of language. Christchurch 185

An extraordinary book; compelling, blending stark realism with a luminous mystery. Characters to love. Landscapes full of beauty and hardship. A new favourite for some. Christchurch 203

Mixed opinion but overall we enjoyed it. A good yarn. Great turns of phrase, but much of it lacked credibility of detail. Levin 001

Mixed reactions to the book. The minority liked it. Others found it hard to get through. Whaka 013



We did meet for this one after lockdown, and some loved it, while others thought it was ok. We are all really glad we can meet and discuss again.
Only some of the group liked this book. Others enjoyed the adventures of Davy and other members of the family who went looking for him. We thought the 8 year old daughter a bit precocious.
WELL 181
Good discussion. Several people didn't finish the book - most were a bit lukewarm. Not a page turner particularly, but some beautiful descriptions which we loved.
AUCK 298
We all loved this book!
PAPA 001
Mixed feelings about this book, some thought it was brilliant and easy to read, others couldn't get into it. Wonderful characterisations, a magical book for some. Movie potential. Generated much discussion - to be recommended as a good book group read.
NELS 063
For the most part we enjoyed this book and its descriptive and unique use of language. The characters were believable and likeable, and those of us who didn't get bored and stopped reading found the storyline drew them in and took them on an enjoyable journey to the end. A bit different, but then so are all of us.
Well-written, in fact beautifully written! All enjoyed the book!
NEWP 012
Some loved the writing, others struggled.