Reckless Oath We Made, The

Greenwood, Bryn

  3 Reviews

Zee Trego could sure do with a knight in shining armour - there are debts to pay, family members in need, and the last straw, her sister has been abducted.

When Gentry Frank, a young autistic man declares himself to be her champion, they embark on a quest to rescue LaReign.

A brave and determined heroine, a chivalrous knight ... this is a page-turning unconventional love story set in Kansas, bristling with scoundrels, loyalty and compassion while cleverly illuminating the challenges of contemporary life in heartland USA.



AUCK 153
Mixed response from the group. Interesting insight into the complexities of poverty, and how, even when working, the main character did not earn enough to live independently.
A muted reaction, several members gave up after a few chapters, finding the Middle English chapter too much of a barrier. Those that persevered to the end found the book very rewarding, with interesting characters and a good insight into autism. Some of the themes were confronting but the characters ( especially Zee and Gentry) were engaging, and the development of the main characters and their relationship was well done.
CHCH 099
An interesting change in direction for the author of 'All the Ugly and Wonderful Things', but again, at its heart, a love story between two unlikely characters. An unconventional romance between Zee, who is no-one's fairytale princess but has a heart of gold, and Gentry, who is on the spectrum and an honest and tender champion of Zee. Wonderfully inventive storytelling and a romance for our times.