Stay With Me

Ayobami, Adebayo

  10 Reviews

The world should be their oyster: Yejide and Akin are a modern young couple, university educated, prosperous and happily married. But alas, when the expected children fail to materialise, drastic steps will need to be taken. Against the political chaos of 1980s Nigeria, Yejide and Akin must manage the turmoil of their own lives - the pressure of traditional societal expectations and the price they are prepared to pay for children.

This is an emotionally powerful story of hope and despair and the sacrifices we make for family.



Interesting book depicting the messy and raw reality of life both personally and nationally as the struggle for democracy is background to the story. Hard for middle class NZ women to comprehend the cultural pressure on the male protagonist to act as he did, causing so much pain and suffering by not simply telling the truth about his medical condition. A telling portrait of how, what begins as a 'modern marriage', breaks down and reverts to deeply ingrained tribal imperatives. However at the end of the book we have hope that things will be ok. Was enjoyed by those who completed the book.
AUCK 277
Only 1 member enjoyed this book unfortunately. A sad story with slightly wooden characters, but we liked it being set in Nigeria and meeting another culture.
CHCH 486
One of the best that our group has read. A very sad, but ultimately great book with twists and turns that werent expected. The push and pull between old world African values and traditions and modernity, made us all want to know more about Nigerian politics and the transition of the country after independence from British rule.
MTMA 002
Really interesting, sad and well-written. A very good read and the author's first novel - amazing!
TAUR 026
A melancholy read, which produced a good discussion about the treatment of women in other cultures. Lots of twists and turns, which one person found manipulative.
Everybody enjoyed this book. It was an easy read, and very thought-provoking on some big themes.
CHCH 009
Short discussion. Divided opinion on characters. Thoroughly disliked by some, but found culturally interesting by others.
AUCK 055
We agreed the book was very well-written and gave a good insight into a very different culture. We felt compassionately about all the people in the situation they were in. We would look forward to more by this author.
WELL 117
The book made for a lot of discussion - there was a feeling from several members that the author tried to cover too much. Provided such themes as relationships, motherhood, fatherhood, companionship, marriage, sexual relationships and placed these in the context of Nigeria, and its very different society. Thought provoking, but not entirely satisfactory.
CHCH 043
Interesting view into another culture. A very sad story. Could be a good one for women in their thirties, around the age of the main characters.