Sweetness of Water, The

Harris, Nathan

  2 Reviews

When George Walker offers recently emancipated brothers Landry and Prentiss work on his land, he surely stirs up a hornet's nest in the nearby town of Old Ox, where everybody has an opinion about the fate of freed slaves. The return from the Civil War of two Confederate soldiers in a forbidden relationship precipitates a series of events that leave few in this Georgian community unscathed.

Powerful and engaging, this is a lyrical story of the American South with its unforgettable characters exposed to the best and worst of humanity.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"How is it possible for a debut novel to be so beautifully written and so engaging and memorable?"

"A splendid story with many themes that are still relevant."

"The writing is quality with many almost poetic touches."

"An easy engrossing read."

"A close-up look at a town after the Civil War. Very interesting."

"A very heartfelt story with wonderful, original characters."

"I have given this book 10/10 in my reading diary."

"The character portrayal is outstanding."

"Just about everyone I know has been ordered by me to read this book!"

"I loved this book so much I read it twice."

"There is hatred in the book and some will find some parts difficult to read."



WELL 016
We all enjoyed the book bar one.
AUCK 038
Like reading poetry, so fabulous!!