Waking Lions

Gundar-Goshen, Ayelet

  15 Reviews

'O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!' Dr Eitan Green's behaviour showcases the veracity of these famous words; one minute he is driving home from work on a moonlit desert road, the next minute there is a hit-and-run incident that will impact on every facet of his life. From his relationship with his police officer wife Liat to his involvement with Sikrit, an Eritrean widow, and her underground clinic for illegal migrants, Eitan is brought face-to-face with his own fallibility.

This is a powerful, fast-paced story of contemporary Israel, with exhilarating twists and turns generating moral dilemmas for its complex characters and reinforcing the unpredictable nature of human behaviour.



AKAR 002
The group found this to be a very interesting book with so many plots and information about Israel.
TAUR 047
A complex story and took a bit of keeping track of. I guess it shows none of us is all-bad or all-good, but a mix of both depending on our circumstances. It suggests the privileged remain so (usually) and those on the margins are readily exploited by both the privileged and also by others on the margins of society. All the more impressive for being a translation.
Thought provoking psychological thriller, so different from other books read this year. How would we react Not everyone liked the book finding some scenarios unbelievable. Several members have already recommended it to others. Good discussion with interesting insights on the country and culture provided by a member with family in Israel.
UPMO 002
Once into the novel it was enjoyed by all. Lots of discussion.
We found this book a VERY depressing read as we went into lock-down 4. It was a challenge ethically and morally, the language was brutal and the story line got more convoluted as it got closer to the end. We felt that parts of the story were unrealistic and many felt let down by the ending.
Great discussion on moral dilemmas and the right or wrong decisions we make. Too wordy for some, editing needed. Too many story threads so became far fetched. Some very real descriptions.
No one "liked" the book but it generated a large amount of discussion - which we decided is the sign of a good book!
AUCK 039
Well-written story, with many twists and turns, and a suspenseful end.
CHCH 449
No one really enjoyed this story - too many sub-plots, too unbelievable, writing style didn't inspire several of us to even complete reading the book. Some interesting discussion, though. Stars we suggested ranged from 1 to 4.
CHCH 125
Interesting and different subject material.
CHCH 009
Discussion stayed totally on the book. Personal feelings and expressions didn't crop up. Book was powerful and compelling.
CHCH 145
Very interesting. 3 of us thought it was a fascinating, poignant and hard read about the complex life of people in Israel, with such depth of character. The rest of our middle class white privileged group found it too uncomfortable to read!!
An intriguing book. Most felt it was not a thriller as described on the cover, but we were fascinated by the psychological insights in abundance. Several rather implausible coincidences in the plot but we had a great discussion. Good notes and questions.
HAVE 005
Notes were great. A thriller but with lots of twists and turns. Sometimes a little unbelievable but made you wonder what if it happened to you!!
TAUR 028
A good read with plenty to discuss. Interesting storyline but lacked some credibility.