Waters, The

Nixon, Carl

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THE WATERS Nixon, Carl; published 2023 Pat Waters was never going to be content keeping the family farm going in Governor’s Bay, but his ill-fated decision to sink the money from its sale into a New Brighton subdivision in 1979, will have devastating consequences for he and his wife and children . Written in 21 linked stories that follow the Waters for four decades, this is the fascinating saga of a dysfunctional family with all of their complex relationships, their love and neglect of one another, and their attempts to overcome their past.

Meticulous descriptions of daily life and its evocative Canterbury setting ensure this compassionate dissection of a family is both relatable and nostalgic.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"I loved the author's descriptive writing."

"It was so well-written, eg, I was there in the school yard playing bullrush with the children."

"Very descriptive writing that pulls you into a location that could be anywhere in NZ."

"I really liked this book. There are multiple things that appeal: NZ writer, dark themes, characters you really feel for, complicated relationships."

"Because of the way it is set out, I found it confusing initially. As you get further into the book, you put things together, and it becomes more and more clear."

"It is the structure of the book with time jumps, narrator changes, detailed descriptions, and the varied storylines that make this book fascinating."

"The descriptions are very evocative - every word means something. I can picture the hard-baked school ground, the windswept beach, the winding hill road."



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