We Never Asked for Wings

Diffenbaugh, Vanessa

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Letty Espinosa thought she had struck an excellent bargain: she earned the money and her parents looked after the children. A perfect bargain really, that is until Maria Elena and Enrique deemed it time to return to Mexico. Left alone with her children for the first time in her life, Letty must choose between her default parenting style - benign neglect - and one that offers her vulnerable children a better future.

From motherhood to illegal immigration and the allure of the American Dream, this heart warming story with its likeable characters and promise of redemption, is a satisfying and optimistic read. [Larger font]



NAP 021
Mostly our readers were disappointed with this book. We felt that there were too many loose endings, and certainly the ending was disappointing. Quite confusing in places.
An insightful easy read, very informative on US immigration.
This was a light and easy read but dealt with some serious issues. Similar to the Language of Flowers with its flawed characters and unconditional love, we thought it was a good companion novel. Several thought the ending a bit too neat but we were pleased not to have to worry about the characters over the Christmas break! We all enjoyed it.
NGON 001
We found this book very topical, with its vivid portrayal of the predicament of individual Mexican immigrants to the U.S. Our group had a mixed response, finding the first chapters "hard going", and the ending somewhat unrealistic. Overall however, it presents sympathetic insights to the situation.
A light but compulsive read. A catalyst for discussion on USA's immigration policies and problems, particularly in light of Trump administration threats to illegal Mexican immigrants.
TAUR 022
An easy read with a great cast of characters and many good themes. We found the theme of illegal immigrants particularly interesting. However many thought it rather light and fluffy in handling these themes. Most thought the ending unsatisfactory in showing a happy resolution to every character's issues. Too saccharine. A bit more realism and grit could have left us with more to ponder.
NEWP 018
We scored this book 3 1/2 based on the fact that all the members enjoyed reading it. Everyone was disturbed by the beginning, and came around to 'liking' the main character.... A bit disappointed in the "Hollywood" ending.
Responses to this one were mixed, but several commented that the first impression was 'just chick lit', but then gradually realised that on a deeper level it was portraying various serious issues that are highly relevant not just to Trump's USA, but elsewhere(like NZ!) as well. So despite the fact that this was our Xmas meeting and we were rather focused on food, some lively discussion got going. Some very good writing, evoking landscapes vividly.
HAVE 016
10 out of 10 - 1st time in two years that the book was enjoyed by everyone.
TAUP 006
Good discussion had around migrants in the U.S. and parenting being a learned or natural skill. General agreement that this is a good read although we were divided on the happy ending - was it too slick, or lovely to have a resolution