Wide Sargasso Sea

Rhys, Jean

  2 Reviews

Born into an oppressive, colonialist society, Creole heiress, Antoinette Cosway, meets a young Englishman who is drawn to her innocent sensuality and beauty. After their marriage, the rumours begin, poisoning her husband against her. Caught between his demands and her own precarious sense of belonging, Antoinette is driven towards madness. Inspired by Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. [Small font]

Comments from Groups

Most of us enjoyed this book, and found it an interesting insight into Jane Eyre. Hokianga 001

We had mixed feelings about this book. It certainly woke us up to the legal position of women in those times, and the treatment of them as a commodity. Tauranga 018

Most read this book. Not all enjoyed it. We felt it was a bit dated - a feminist book from the past. You needed to read Jane Eyre again to get a comparison. Auckland 037

We did not like the small print ( and notes) of this edition. However the story made for a great discussion - from someone who does not like 'prequels' from a secondary author, to others who loved the evocation of a sultry life in Domenica. Wellington 074

The writing was vivid, and was subtly informative about womens' rights (or lack of) of the era. Some found the history/politics interesting, but others did not like it or even finish it. Wellington 016

Excellent book, beautifully written and ahead of its time. Nelson 018



A good discussion, but the consensus was that the book was dated and overrated. We all had a level of frustration with the style, and overall were disappointed in it.
Overall a happy response to the book. Those unfamiliar with Jane Eyre were a bit confused with the timeline etc. But overall we felt it was a good read.