World Beneath, The

Kennedy, Cate

  4 Reviews

A hiking trip into the Tasmanian wilderness is intended to be a journey of both discovery and rediscovery for Rick. This is the chance for him to connect with his estranged daughter Sophie and to revisit the beautiful landscape where he met her mother twenty five years earlier when they were protesting against the building of a dam. It is in this majestic but unforgiving environment that past choices are questioned and future paths determined.

With its vivid portrayal of both landscape and characters, this is a riveting and insightful examination of family.

Winner of the People's Choice Award, NSW Premier's Literary Awards 2010.

Comments from Groups

Easy to read, quite a page turner with a flowing style. Discussion was generally enthusiastic. Members could recognise traits of the protagonists in themselves or friends/relatives. Wanaka 013

Very mixed reception. Some really enjoyed the style of writing while others couldn't get to grips with the concept. Napier 021

Well liked. Interesting characters. Tauranga 015

Some loved it, some hated it, some did not finish it. Very heated discussion about the characters - some felt they were self indulgent no-hopers. Others thought they reflected their era ... Plot a bit predictable, but a good yarn. Auckland 280

Very mixed comments which made for a very interesting discussion. 3-4 disliked it intensely, others enjoyed immensely the style of writing, descriptive physical landscapes and the inner landscapes of the three main characters. Well worth reading and a satisfying ending. Napier 016

Very well received. Two even gave it 9/10. Auckland 069

All enjoyed the book. Engendered a lively discussion. An easy read. Upper Hutt 007.



Quite mixed responses to this book. Lots of discussion about the characters. They were engaging and developed over the story, with plenty of humour and retrospective insight. We enjoyed the satirical exposure of new-age (current age) spiritual quests, eco-marketing, and most of all, the whole process of forming relationships with family and others.
A captivating read.
TAUR 022
Good page turner. Some members had done the Cradle Mt. walk and said that descriptions were very good.
CHCH 299
Opinions ranged from it being an okay read to not enjoying it at all, some felt that some of the actions of the characters were unlikely, others felt there were loose ends, others that it dragged in the middle. All felt it picked up at the end and there were some good descriptive passages.