Remember Me (2022)

Norman, Charity

  8 Reviews

Emily Kirkland's return to New Zealand to care for her father Felix, who has developed dementia, has some unexpected consequences. She is able to deepen their previously distant relationship, but distressingly he seems emotionally caught up with a tragic event from twenty five years earlier when neighbour and friend Leah Parata went missing in the bush and was never found. Just what was it about Leah's disappearance that could be causing Felix - a rural GP - so much angst?

Set in the shadows of the Ruahine Ranges, this multi-layered story weaves a small-town mystery with an empathetic and insightful understanding of dementia.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"The author has a gift for understanding characters and delivering stories in a multitude of layers."

"Fantastic story, I could not put it down."

"Great characters. The situation was both sad and complex."

"You have to keep reading until the end to find out what happened."

"I highly recommend the book. It's a sensitive topic, well handled."

"The author has told the story with sensitivity and the book has great atmosphere."

"The author has portrayed well the gradual unravelling of the father with dementia."

"I did guess the likely reason for the woman's disappearance and this reduced the level of tension."



Loved by all. We appreciated the complex character portrayals that all rang 'true'. Few of us predicted the ending, but were grateful for no loose ends. We enjoyed that it reflected Kiwi life...apart from tomato 'ketchup' rather than sauce. Most left the meeting preparing to read more Charity Norman.
RICH 010
We all enjoyed this very readable, gripping and insightful book about a subject that, sadly, is close to all our hearts. Probably one of our favourites - we'll definitely look for more by this author.
We all enjoyed this book. Challenging, wonderfully descriptive, clever plot and educational.
Everyone felt it was an easy read, and read through it quickly. They enjoyed the storyline, and the insight into dementia was well thought out. Informative and interesting. A great enjoyable read. A number of readers would like to read more books by the author.
CHCH 344
Really enjoyed this book. Well structured mystery. Atmospheric, and really evocative of N.Z. mountain villages.
AUCK 335
We all enjoyed this book. It's a gripping narrative with well-developed characters and very good descriptions of the rural setting, bush and mountains. Norman writes well and deals with big issues - Alzheimers, Huntington's chorea and mercy killing -with sensitivity and compassion.
STEW 001
Readable and engaging. Description of 'place' was well done.
Universal approval of this book.