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Shaw, Tina

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Jessica Pollard is used to starting over. This time round it's Turangi so she can be close to her son who is at Rangipo Prison. A new job, new relationships and a new community to get to grips with, and no better place for it. But amidst the beauty and splendour of the river and its associated trout fishing is a face from the past ... Jessica's troubled past ... and it's time to lay those demons to rest.

A gritty and atmospheric mystery, in an iconic New Zealand setting.

Comments from Groups

"Our group enjoyed this read and thought the author had built up and carried the suspense throughout the novel. The characters are well developed and the novel had a very NZ focus." [Te Puke 001]

"Enjoyed by all especially the succinct style of writing – an easy to read, not able to put down book. The NZ theme was one we could all identify with and the info about fly-fishing was fascinating. We want to read more of this author." [Christchurch 225]

"We all thought it was great except one who thought it was disjointed. The rest of us found the descriptions of Turangi very evocative and it was written in a very realistic style." [Hamilton 054]

"Well received by all. The interesting thing was the different reaction to the "voices" from members from the Northern Hemisphere from those who are New Zealanders. We could more readily identify with the characters and settings." [Wanganui 008]

"Not the best NZ novel but readable. I learnt a little about fly fishing!" [Nelson 003]

"I was rather surprised at the reactions to this book as only two of us read crime fiction. However the reception was generally favourable (only one didn't like it). It was a slow start for some, then as the book progressed they became more engrossed." [Matamata 001]



CHCH 552
Our group enjoyed the character development and visualisation, but we were left with a lot of questions about holes in the plot and what we felt were a lot of loose threads... also interestingly one member who is a teacher noticed that the Mori words didn't have any macrons where they should have been on certain vowels. Not sure if this was intentional by the author
No one from the Group really enjoyed this, finding it confusing at times with its many characters. Some of us would enjoy reading another by this author however.
Leader of the discussion arrived with fly fishing overalls etc. and flies. So the discussion was quite lively. Overall a good book by a N.Z. author dealing with social issues in a great setting.
AUCK 277
We all liked the book very much. People thought the writing was excellent. The book was very well discussed. We loved the descriptions of the Turangi area and trout fishing. The characters were very believable.
AUCK 006
A good read but rather dark book where the author does not pull any punches, and I think because of this we, as a group, struggled with it. The questions were well presented but the discussion was not prolonged.
AUCK 293
Enjoyable read. Took a while to really get into where the story was going. Always good to read a local author and to recognise the places mentioned.
We really liked this book, it evokes the Kiwi psyche and relationship with nature so well. We loved the characterisation and the story twists/events were in keeping with the characters.
AUCK 395
Mixed response from group. Readable and engaging, but with some plot weaknesses. Relatable to Kiwis.
WARK 003
We all enjoyed it (for a change!). The plot was well contrived and kept us guessing to the end. The characters were credible; so much so that interest in what their lives would be in their future kept us talking. Not too much padding (clothes, food, scenery), the writing was crisp, and the fishing scenes on the river quite elegiac.
The group enjoyed the book and found it an easy read. It gave us the opportunity for good discussion, particularly as it related to abuse which is a very relevant topic today.
NEWP 014
A believable, gripping read. Nice to have a N.Z. context.
Generally liked - N.Z. author, interesting fishing and location descriptions. Weak plot and immature writing which annoyed some, but others were happy with it.
Very mixed reaction to this. The writing style was off putting for some of our group. Those that loved the story though, were thoroughly engrossed and found it an uplifting story in terms of Jessica's relationship with her son.
WELL 150
We enjoyed a NZ author and a novel set in a familiar place. Very recognisable.
We all knew the Turangi portrayed, and felt that the essential New Zealand story was an excellent read. All learned a lot about fly fishing, agreeing it was most interesting. Shaw has a knack of casually putting the reader into each scene so that they enter the atmosphere and Jessica's feelings at each page turn. The lid was lifted on a world many of us vaguely knew but had never experienced, and we discussed the small episodes that become huge life changing consequences. No one had come across Tina Shaw before, but will now look for her other works.