Mila and the Bone Man

Roche, Lauren

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Mila’s family hail from Northland, and with their happy home and their proximity to a nearby forest, she has an idyllic childhood. But for every idyll, there is its counterpart, and the grief and trauma that visit the family cause Mila to seek exile in Auckland. But the lure of the north eventually draws Mila back to accept the mantle of healer.

Compelling and emotionally engaging, this story considers the complex issues of guilt and grief, and the healing and peace available through the natural world.

This title is also offered as part of the Narrative Muse Book Club.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"A very original story. Very engrossing - I couldn't put it down."

"I liked the characters and picturing their lives in a close-knit community in beautiful rural surrounds."

"The chapters are short and encourage you to read one more, one more - to find out how things pan out for a loving family hit by tragedy."

"It's a compelling story, well told and with a mostly satisfying conclusion."

"The story is told with compassion bred with experience, and it is heavily influenced by the author's life."

"The characters are real and the reader can empathise with them all."

"The author has a gift for describing the forest and things natural. This acts as a balance for the description of the tragic events and their aftermath."



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