Return to Harikoa Bay

Marshall, Owen

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A story a day could very well keep the doctor away… short and perfectly formed, the 33 stories in this collection are a tonic, distilling the essence of life in New Zealand.

In these thoughtful vignettes, the wide variety of relatable people, the recognisable landscapes, and the author’s ability to fully inhabit each of the characters, ensures this is a book to savour.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Anyone who appreciates good writing will appreciate this book."

"I enjoyed the variety of people, places, times and events."

"This is high-calibre writing."

"Each story is just the right length."

"The stories keep your interest and you're satisfied that each is complete."

"I loved the stories. Marshall is an excellent short-story writer."

"The characters and settings are all so realistic."



Well-written; we liked the different voices...male, female, different ages. Authentic settings and we enjoyed those set in N.Z. Some people didn't get into it or finish.