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Glancy, Robert

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Corporate lawyer Frank Shaw's advice would be to always read the fine print. As he recovers his memory following a car accident, examining the 'terms and conditions' of his current circumstances brings his own life into clearer focus. It's not a pretty sight, but surely it's never too late to negotiate a new life contract, one that has an eye on the big picture as well as the small print.

Both clever and profound, this is an entertaining story of footnotes, second chances and self-discovery. [Small font]

Comments from Groups

Most of us really enjoyed the book. We loved the sense of humour; the style of writing; and the emails/footnotes etc. Invercargill 001

The author's style of using footnotes put off a few members, but once we got into the book we really enjoyed it. A very clever and funny read. Dunedin 002

We loved this book, and we had the added treat of the author Robert Glancy at our meeting. He was fantastic - open, funny and hugely entertaining. We are looking forward to his next book. Auckland 171

A very clever thought-provoking read. Nearly all of our members enjoyed the book. We are looking forward to reading the author's new book, based in Africa. Cromwell 003

The majority of the group enjoyed the book; we enjoyed the writing and humour. A book of many themes - poignant and amusing. The footnotes were interesting, but could be frustrating. The small print was small!! The notes were very good, and we enjoyed the interview with the author, which revealed a lot about his writing style and the themes. Christchurch 088

We had quite a mixed reaction to the book. Some members didn't like it, but others did, and could relate to the frustrations of the author. One member found it really made her question her choices in life, and resolved to make decisions regarding her choice of job. We also had a mixed reaction to the footnotes, ranging from great, to ok, to a pain! Generally we agreed it was an unusual style of writing, and certainly a unique way of presenting the story, which suited its content completely. Queenstown 010



The majority of us really enjoyed the story, although it took quite a while to get into it. We thought it was a page turner as the story developed. The moral : "Always read the fine print" created quite a discussion on life!
After some initial concerns about the print size, all members really enjoyed this book. The topic based chapters and humour made for a good discussion.
Many members arrived at the meeting saying they didn't enjoy the book, but changed their view after the discussion!
AUCK 134
It was good to read a book that makes you laugh out loud. Generally thought to be witty and cleverly constructed.
Good read - evoked great conversations about relationships.
Our group was pretty evenly divided into "liked" and "didn't like" - though no one felt too strongly. Those who enjoyed it mentioned the humour and the family dynamics. Most found the footnotes a bit distracting, but appreciated the connection of this tactic with the theme of the book. Generally a pleasant read - not too demanding and so appropriate for the end of the year.
Our group had mixed views about the book. One person couldn't bear to put it down, while another member couldn't get into it at all. One member found the footnotes held up the narrative, another found them a delightful accompaniment to the narrative!!!
CHCH 148
A most enjoyable and quirky read with an unusual subject and a satisfying ending. It took a while to get into, but was well deserving of perseverance.
We were all distracted by the small print, but some of our group read the book twice. Once reading the footnotes, and again, ignoring them. The footnotes provided much of the humour. We thought the notes were EXCELLENT. All found the ending of the story most satisfactory.
We all loved this book, very quirky and a great lighter read.
A very enjoyable read once you get used to the style.
CHCH 297
Everyone enjoyed the book - good discussion on relationships and the complexities of life and law. We loved the use of footnotes. Several said the first couple of pages were off putting and then found themselves very engaged.