Bright Star - Beatrice Hill: Tinsley Astronomer

Cole Catley, Christine

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Beatrice Hill Tinsley showed astronomers new ways of thinking and taught teachers new ways of teaching. A lover of nature and a conservationist who idealised New Zealand, she was also a musician, a feminist, a battler for zero growth population and a champion of the oppressed. Her life is a classic study in the interaction of nature and nurture, genetics and environment. It is also an inspiring and unforgettable picture of a girl determined to be a scientist who grows up in provincial New Zealand and wins through to world renown. NZ Interest. [Big read}

Comments from Groups

Interesting discussion with varied opinions. Most thought the book could be shorter. All hoped that Christine Cole Catley [publisher] has given/will give all the material she collected on Beatrice to the Alexander Turnbull Library - it will be a valuable future resource. Wellington 008

An unanimous decision that all thoroughly enjoyed reading about this famous NZer. We were astonished that we had not heard of her before. Napier 016

Those who read the book really enjoyed it and thought the writer was very honest about the subject's life... some found the book too daunting to read. Lots of discussion regarding women and their place in the workplace/family during this period. Marton 001

After 7 years of books, this stood out as one of our favourites. Lively discussion about women's roles, parenthood, careers and brilliant intellect. Hokitika 001

We did wonder how it could be that not one of us, until reading this book, had heard of Beatrice Hill Tinsley . An exceptional young woman who achieved so much at some cost to her immediate family life. Diamond Harbour 001



THAM 004
A fascinating read but greatly in need of editing - too much repetition and unnecessary minutiae. Great to read about a top flight NZer!
AKAR 002
This was a wonderful and informative tale. This woman should be known by every New Zealander as Ernest Rutherford is. Her personality was particularly fascinating - her utter genius and kindness shone through.
CHCH 299
The size of his book daunted most of us, but the writing style made it an easy read. It's well researched and most enjoyed it. All found her a fascinating woman, and it was a great discussion book - particularly on Beatrice's life, NZ society in the 50s and 60s and the changing roles of men and women.
WELL 183
We all liked it - many knew nothing about this genius!! Not too much detailed science for those who don't like it. A wonderful look at social conventions etc in the 60s and 70s.
A book that should be in all NZ school libraries. Amazing woman; a good read.
Very interesting. Some felt it was unnecessarily long and didn't manage to finish it.
RUSS 004
A very interesting and educational book.
Astonishing and informative read. An extraordinary woman.
AUCK 389
Nobody had heard of Beatrice Hill prior to this book. However we felt the book could have done with more editing to get to the essence of who she was. A lot of aspects of her life were glossed over. Certain key people were not interviewed enough to gain insights into her personality i.e. children, partner Richard, and other close friends and colleagues. It read more as a Beatrice Hill fan club. However we all agreed what a tragic loss her early demise was to the world of cosmology.
Great read. Very interesting. For various reasons, we knew that some of the group would not be able to read the whole book, so we divided the book by chapters and each member had to read at least their allocated chapters. We then reported back, so that all members were taken through the complete book and Beatrice's life. This worked extremely well for this book, and discussion developed along the way.
CHCH 194
Thoroughly enjoyed by all. We all felt we should have known more about this famous scientist NZer. A well-written and well-researched book.