Divorce Diaries, The

Quigley, Sarah

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Once upon a time, writer Sarah Quigley was happily married and living in Germany, but there came a time when separation and divorce became inevitable. Recalling these difficult events and their aftermath, this Berlin-based memoir examines with honesty and respect, what came to pass.

Leavened with humour and chronicling the ups and downs of these experiences, this book is distinguished not only by its insightful and relatable moments, but by the ease of its beautiful writing.



Most members were disappointed with the writing. More suited as a serial in a magazine. The most interesting part was the description of Berlin.
ASHB 028
The overall rating of this book amongst our group was poor. We did not enjoy the writing style nor the very candid content and were relieved to learn that the author's mother would not get to read it. Obviously a very difficult period in Sarah's life but we felt her memoir came across as very self-absorbed and was not successful as a narrative in her mission to mentor others in a similar position.
AUCK 065
Although only one person in our group had been divorced, it gave us greater understanding of how difficult it is to leave a marriage, even without children or pets.
NEWP 004
Most of us kept reading to the end despite the horrific narrative. We all felt it would have benefitted from some further editing. On the other hand we were made aware of a junta we knew very little about.
CHCH 336
Well-written although a little repetitive. Dealt with an awkward subject in a pragmatic way. Enjoyed re life in Berlin. Hard read for some of our group.
Good discussion. Flowing writing style appreciated. Honest recall of her feelings before and after her divorce. Highlighted some of the unexpected events she had to negotiate.
WELL 041
A mixed response from our book group. We were about fifty-fifty liking/disliking this book. We all 'felt' for her as her marriage slowly deteriorated. She was honest and upfront about everything. However, some were a little annoyed with the continual use of the first person - but how else could she describe her feelings but in the first person!
ASHB 003
Generally enjoyed. Would like to know if there was an eventual happy outcome.
TAUR 049
Group lukewarm about this book yet all had some positives to offer. With Sarah Quigley there is always much to be admired about the writing and that was the case here. Enjoyed the characters and descriptions of life in East Germany, as well as the humorous moments.
AUCK 037
There was a distinct divide between the divorced and not divorced in the discussion! Divorced people thought the insights were spot-on and felt it quite a valuable book for those going through a divorce. Some thought it may have worked better as the original intent, a serialised account in a monthly magazine. The memoir format made it somewhat repetitive for some readers.
Plenty of discussion over our cuppa!
We enjoyed the book to a certain extent, but found it rather drawn out and repetitive through the middle section. We did enjoy the descriptions and feel of Berlin that Sarah Quigley portrayed.
CHCH 267
It provoked a lot of discussion about why she wished to open her private life so publicly. Very introverted and self-focused, but our interest was retained until the end - it was so well-written.
STEW 001
Interesting background (Berlin). The focus was very much on the author with other players merely shadows in the background, so a certain substance was missing.
Book very much enjoyed by all - provoked a sharing of some individuals' own divorce experiences, which was a bonding experience for the group. We particularly liked the author's frankness in documenting her emotions at different stages, and her frustrations at the time it took her to move beyond the breakdown in her marriage.
REEF 002
Very readable and relatable account of a split-up. This book sparked the most lively discussion of the year. Recommended.