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O'Regan, Pauline

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A glimpse of one woman's journey towards, what is often dismissed as "old age", without acknowledging the wisdom that it can bring. Now, in her eighties, author and nun, O'Regan, shows there is nothing to fear about ageing, and a whole lot to look forward to. NZ Interest. [Larger font]

Comments from Groups

This book did not make us laugh out loud, but it was a really good book that opened your awareness to aging. We did appreciate that the elderly have their own dilemas. Overall this was a delightful book and well worth reading. Te Awamutu 003

An easy read - a chat over the teacups with a favourite elderly aunt. We had a good discussion - on going and lively. Covered many aspects of early and later life. Diamond Harbour 001

A delightful insight into old age. Covered many things we had thought about, but had never put into words. All enjoyed it and lots of fun discussion followed. Opotiki 001

A delightful book about a wonderful person. Our favourite bits were about learning to skate and joining a walking group. Pahiatua 001

The book was well liked. It has made us think about our age and what we have to think about for the future. The younger member of our group (late 30's) didn't feel the same way. Seemed a long way off for her. Wellington 057



The group did not really enjoy this book. They found it rather depressing and dated.
AUCK 071
All members enjoyed this book - a very honest glimpse into aspects of this interesting lady's life. One or two thought the book could have done with a degree of editing, but it was generally enjoyed by all.
AUCK 094
Ladies loved the book. I suspect personally that lots of senior people would have similar wisdom and anecdotes - but are never celebrated for it!
NAP 023
Most interesting - we were all amazed at Sister Pauline's "worldly" knowledge and understanding, and her insight into the problems advancing age gives. Discussion was wide ranging with two of us having personal knowledge of the 'old' and 'new' situations which Vatican 2 made the nuns confront (through teaching at Catholic secondary schools). Recommended reading even though most of the group not close to the age group!
NELS 019
As most of our members are in their "third age" it was felt the book did not contribute to our already full life experiences. However it generated a lot of lively discussion about our own experiences of ageing.
It was a nice light read, not compelling. It generated interesting discussion.
AUCK 116
The group really enjoyed the book, her easy style giving a quick easy read. Her recollections put a smile on your face and gave some laugh out loud moments. Some of the group had older parents and could relate personally to some of her stories.
GORE 006
As most members are in this age group, we could relate to the book - very enjoyable.
CHCH 010
Mildly interesting. Many opinions on ageing gracefully from our group.
An easy read - very apt for our age group! Some poignant moments during the discussion, and yes, we did laugh out loud!
CHCH 145
We thought it was light and a bit slow for the first 100 pages and slightly nave, but we enjoyed her stories.