Under the Weather

Renwick, James

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A warmer world will change more than just our weather patterns. It will change the look of the land around us, what grows and lives on it - including us.

In this must-read book, Professor James Renwick untangles how we know what the future holds and why it matters to our everyday lives. He looks at New Zealand's increasingly frequent natural disasters, warming and acidifying waters, the creep of rising sea levels, and the ways that the changing weather will affect our agriculture, lifestyle, food security and economy.

Under the Weather is a picture of a planet in danger, a reality-check on what that means for this country, and a reminder that the shape of our future is up to us. [Taken fro book cover, Harper Collins Publishers]

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"The book addresses a very topical, important and challenging need for discussion and action."

"The book is well written by an experienced communicator who conveys both his authority and authenticity."

"With 40+ years experience in meteorology and climate research, Renwick's book is unsurprisingly authoritative and evidence-based."

"The book is very accessible and understandable for non-scientific readers like me."

"The author's personal touches draw the reader in."

"Solutions are put forward and despite the book's stark warning, it is hopeful and encouraging."

"I think that the importance of the theme, the authority of the author and the book's NZ focus, make it very attractive to the scheme."

"The NZ focus in a regional and global context makes the book appealing for a New Zealand audience."



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