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Reading together for a fairer, kinder, more connected Aotearoa New Zealand

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About Us

Reading together for a fairer, kinder, more connected Aotearoa New Zealand

Books are a gateway to compassion, hope, love, understanding, epiphany and empowerment. They let us live a thousand lives not our own, walk in the shoes of strangers, and allow us as individuals to tap into the vastness of human experience and discovery — all from the comfort of a favourite chair. 

But when does reading move from a personal pastime to a shared experience with the power to create real-world change?

At Book Discussion Scheme, we believe book groups can be places of learning, inspiration, connection and personal growth. Since we started this journey in 1973, we’ve been flooded with stories from people describing the special place book group holds in their lives; they’ve gone deeper in their learning, been enriched by the perspectives of others, and enjoyed making reading a social activity. There are currently around 13,000 Kiwis experiencing the benefits of book group, but we’re not stopping there…


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We are a small but mighty team delivering our service to approximately 1,300 book groups across the country. From the Board to the dispatch team, volunteers and administrators, we’re a varied bunch with a love of reading in common.

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