Book review

Mornings in Jenin

Susan Abuihawa

In a few words

A heart wrenching page-turner that provides an insight into the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

Great for

Readers who enjoy an emotional family saga while gaining an understanding of other cultures and their history.

Why I love this book

It tells the story of four generations of the Abulheja family. Beginning in the village of Ein Hod it follows the family as they are displaced from their ancestral home to refugee camps, in both Israel and Lebanon; how they live with conflict, invasion and loss but also how love, friendship and family help them endure.

I cried as I read this fictional story woven around actual historical events and I had my eyes opened to an ongoing conflict between two cultures and one country.

Lesley Heal

Book notes administrator

Lesley reads widely with her book group, but particularly enjoys character-driven fiction and is also drawn to compelling true tales.

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