Staff Picks - what we are reading

Staff and volunteers share some of their favourite reads from the scheme.

Article Image Annie - broaden my world view

Annie is one of our dispatch team, writes the book blurbs for BDS and convenes two book groups.

She says her favourite book is usually the one she is reading at the time, but (more helpfully) adds: "My reading choices are 'ideas-driven'. I read a wide range of fiction and non-fiction but really enjoy stories that make me think and so challenge and broaden my view of the world."

Annie's current best reads are:

1. Beartown

2. Guernica

3. The Hidden Life of Trees

4.  Hillbilly Elergy

Article Image Jane - busy mum's choices

Jane is one of our dispatch team. As a busy mum of three, a book needs to be an absorbing and enjoyable distraction! Her reading highlights include:

1. The Cleaner

"A page-turner."

2. Nutshell

"Very quirky. I've never read anything from an embryo's point of view before!"

3. Small Great Things


Article Image Cherie - eclectic and darker

Cherie repairs damaged books and is our administrator. She reads a range of genres but likes suspense "that is well done".

"I have eclectic taste but lean towards a darker book." 

Her favourite recent reads are:

1. Waking Lions

2. News of the World

3. Different Class 

"You couldn't get a collection of three more different books: I love Joanne Harris as an author, News was quirky, and the other is about the treatment of refugees and is a morality tale."


Article Image Kirsty - Unfamiliar time or place

Kirsty is our accounts person and she likes to find out about an unfamiliar time or place or event in history. Her top picks, although she says she hasn't hasn't read anything she hasn't liked, are:

1. Beauty of Humanity Movement

2. Cellist of Sarejevo

3. Caleb's Crossing

4. Someone Knows My Name


Article Image Aimee - a gripping story

Aimee works part-time in our distribution area, unpacking returned books and reshelving them. She convenes a book group of 8 women who often have extreme differences of opinion! 

Books from the scheme that she has recently enjoyed are:

1. The President's Hat

"For a fun, lighter read."

2. The Dry

"For a page-tunner and good mystery."

3. The Bell Jar

"For a classic. Loved her writing style."


Article Image Shelagh - convincing characters

Shelagh manages the production of our booknotes.

She enjoys novels that are credible and authentic - not necessarily "a happy read" but those with convincing characters "that leave you thinking about them long after the book is finished". Recent non-fiction reading tends to be biography with a literary or historical focus.

Shelagh's all-time top-ranking picks from the scheme include:

1. The Dry

2. Heloise

3. Case Histories

"I'm a bit late in coming to this series but ihe book is just as funny and clever as when it was first written"

Article Image Phyll - eclectic taste

Phyll volunteers weekly, covering books for our collection. She has an eclectic taste in books, which is evident in her pick of favourite reads. Her first love is murder mysteries but admits that books she may not be drawn to at first glance can be "a real surprise sometimes" and most enjoyable. 

1. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

2. The Poisonwood Bible

"When I finally got into it, I found it really enjoyable"

3. The Kite Runner

4. A Fine Balance

"Not a happy story, but I couldn't put it down"

5. The Shadow of the Wind 

"I want to go to Barcelona"

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