Book review

A Gentleman in Moscow

Amor Towles

In a few words

Fascinating, absorbing and beautifully written

Great for

Lovers of historical fiction.

Why I love this book

The book opens in 1922 Russia after the Revolution. Our protagonist, 32 year-old Count Alexander Rostov, is sentenced by a Bolshevik Tribunal to house arrest in a luxury hotel — for the crime of being born privileged. He spends the next three decades in the hotel, his room being a small attic. We see hotel life and Russian history through his eyes. Truly a lesson in how to play the hand you’ve been dealt.

This book has a bit of everything: Russian aristocracy, 20th Century Russian history, romance, politics, espionage…and a very charming Count. I hated having to say goodbye to him! 

My one criticism would be

No criticisms at all. 

Barbara Brown


Barbara enjoys character-driven books and the opportunity to learn something; about cultures, countries or history.

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