Book review

A Fort of Nine Towers

Qais Akbar Omar

In a few words

The extraordinary true story of a boy growing up in Afghanistan through brutal civil war and foreign invasion.

Great for

Those who are interested in history, family, and culture.

Why I love this book

I found the story of Qais and his family; their unbelievable journey and the violent history of Afghanistan, fascinating. However, the strength of this book goes way beyond the storyline. His writing is fluid, lyrical and beautiful. He tells of horrors and brutality through the eyes of a boy (himself) but is not hateful or vengeful. There is strength, bravery — even humour at times — and the love of the family and their culture shines though. I was in absolute awe of the suffering of this family and the people of Afghanistan, but was not depressed or sad when I finished the book - I felt enriched and moved

Kirsty Grant


Kirsty is an ex-BDS staff member who now reviews titles for the catalogue from her home in sunny Nelson. 

Kirsty leans toward grittier, intense reads. She also loves descriptive, immersive writing, losing herself in the sights, sounds, and smells of unfamiliar countries, cultures, history and significant events.

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