Echo Chamber, The

Boyne, John

  3 Reviews

The Cleverleys are the perfect family you love to hate. At first glance, successful and influential and at second glance, well... not quite. George is an obnoxious BBC radio host and Beverley, a romance writer, is a snob of the highest order. And then there are their three adult children, Nelson, Elizabeth and Achilles.

When Elizabeth's latest desperate attempt to be a social media influencer goes awry there is chaos, and as the family's lives unravel, readers have a front row seat to a world controlled by social media.

A thought-provoking and satirical delight.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"The book is very funny but frightening with how the world of social media has taken over the society that the family lives in."

"Very contemporary and therefore relevant to our own lives."

"Well-written and very readable."

"Readers can ask themselves how they might be manipulated by social media."

"A very modern book that discusses the issues around social media."

"I enjoyed the author name-dropping, mainly British celebrities."

"Boyne is very funny as he makes a point in his sarcasm."

"The threads all come together very satisfactorily as the story builds to its climax."

"The characters, while all are caricatures, are also frighteningly believable."

"The characters are uniformly horrible and it's quite unusual for a book to have such awful people as the protagonists."

"I thought the ending was a little twee."



We all enjoyed 'The Echo Chamber' as a very clever satire of a family's various connections to social media, and the catastrophic consequences for the five people when everything goes wrong. A timely warning for us all, on the negative consequences of a distorted life in social media, plus the damage done to impressionable young people.
Very mixed opinions. Too long with rather a lot of social media content. The humour was not a high point. We have enjoyed other books by this author.
Some of us loved it (mainly the British people!) but some didn't finish it, or thought it fizzled out a bit towards the end. Very funny and interesting commentary on current times, but full of specific references which some of the group wouldn't get.